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Why Apple Didn’t Put AirTag in the Siri Remote

An example of Apple's story is not putting AirTag in the New Siri Remote because it does not think it will be lost in your bed

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It is a well-known fact that one of the top complaints of his last Apple Secret Apple TV it was his ability to rejuvenate the abyss of dining rooms. Apple could have fixed this with the second generation of Siri by connecting by adding, for example, the AirTag utility. Apparently, the company thought that since its length is too tight, it would not be lost.

Apple vice-president Tim Twerdahl also said this in interview with Mobile Syrup published Friday. Asked if Apple had decided to add more AirTag-based technology to the surface, which the interviewee admitted to losing in its seats frequently, Twerdahl replied that because the new Siri is robust, the need for more network equipment seems low.

“We are very excited about AirTags and what we are working with [the U1 chip], and another powerful part of having access to my network is that we can use billions of tools around the world to help you find things, ”Twerdahl told Mobile Syrup. “Your speech, [the Find My network] he is the strongest in the house. With the changes we’ve made to Siri Remote – plus making it more durable so it doesn’t fall off your bedside – it needs to make all other online devices look a little inferior. ”

For those who have not tried away from the new Siri, almost he also claims that Twerdahl has a point and the remote seems to have no evidence.

Now, I am not a Siri remote user, but as a silent and larger site user, I would like to say that just because the remote is larger does not mean that it is easy to find where you need it most. My remote area has been washed away by my bed, hidden by piles of white laundry (sometimes lying on the bed), and robbed by a pile of papers around my house. (Don’t judge him. Dangerous life, y’all). There are times when I want there to be a way for me to know the area that was. AirTag could be a way.

While Apple did not disappoint distant Siri remote owners this time around, some decided to develop their own AirTag remote viewing systems, especially when it comes to old prices. Since the AirTags were unveiled in April, smart manufacturers have created a remote solution that gives you the opportunity have an AirTag behind the old Siri stream.

Considering that other options floating online include dual-color tape, velcro, and silicone adhesive, this seemed like the smartest and most beautiful choice. Obviously, you can also show that you always put your distance on the table, put it in a basket, or make another way to avoid it. I’m sure you haven’t been able to do this again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

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