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Who is preparing for 2019 against Boris Johnson?

British Conservative Party got into a visual battle this week as the claims of closed parties in Downing Street urged Boris Johnson’s new party to oppose him.

The 20 MPs who entered parliament in 2019 tried to persuade their colleagues to resign. letters wishing to vote for the Prime Minister. Named the “pig plot” in approval of Melton Mowbray’s constituency by incumbent Alicia Kearns, the party hopes the number of letters sent to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Tory MPs’ committee, has reached the beginning of 54 votes.

“There are some who say we are indebted to Boris, but in fact our successful foundations for 2019 were built in 2017,” said one member of the 2019 food service. “Boris was one of many things. it can only succeed without him. ”

The 2019 takeover features Tory 107 MPs who are often seen as representing the so-called “red wall” seats of the former Labor heartlands. However, a large number of people entered parliament after winning the Tory seats in the English government.

“They are not one group, there are groups, so the traditional Tory seats, some of which were former spads. [special advisers]some ‘rollers’, a few returnees, “says another MP.” Most of them are clearly indebted to him. [Johnson]. Some of them simply see themselves as planets. ”

Many of the alleged conspirators won their seats by promising to address the concerns of the region and were elected in their respective constituencies, not by the Conservative Party HQ. Their allegiance is to their constituencies, not to the prime minister, say their colleagues.

“It is very interesting,” said a former prime minister. “Confident and capable because they have often won a reputation as local professionals who have won their seats against adversity.

“He’s showing up for what he wants and what he expects from Boris and I’m afraid he’ll see him fail miserably.”

Terrorists of 2019

Alicia Kearns

Rutland MP Melton and Melton are seen as a rising star within the Conservative party after winning more than 20,000 in 2019. The party, which monitors the UK government’s response to power struggles.

Chris loder

Prior to joining Westminster, the MP for West Dorset was well-known in the railway industry and held positions as the new head of the South Western Railway. In 2019, Loder replaced former prime minister Sir Oliver Letwin, winning a majority of 14,106 against his Liberal Democrat opponent.

The militants gathered twice this week for talks frustrated with Johnson’s leadership, and the Kearns office – shared with Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP – held the meeting Tuesday. Among the guests were West Dorset MP Chris Loder and Birmingham Northfield MP Gary Sambrook. Kearns and Loder both denied that they were leading the rebellion.

His colleagues say the epidemic, which has forced lawmakers to work remotely, has made lawmakers plotting against Johnson “difficult to control”.

“There is something about Covid and I have never been there,” said another Tory MP. “I don’t think they formed the same relationship or alliance with the whole team, they never did anything with the government or the whips. It’s difficult to control them.”

One MP who was elected in 2019 admitted: “One of the problems is getting to know your colleagues in the tea rooms, on the select committees, on the way and because of Covid which was not possible.”

Some members of the group feel that they have been neglected by the Prime Minister until they need him. “There was a lot of excitement between the new meal and the first PM. What we did in the election was amazing,” said one MP at the 2019. Food Conference.

The age and perspective of new foods have also affected their perception. Gender, racial and political differences than the former Conservative MPs, represent the first generation of the Millennium Tories. The group is more active than their older counterparts on TV, which some councilors say can confuse their minds.

Terrorists of 2019

Lee anderson

Anderson has 5,733 members in his ‘red wall’ seat in Ashfield. He comes from a coal mining family and grew up in the region, joining the Conservative party in 2018 after many years as a member of the Labor party. Before winning the 2019 elections, his seat was represented by Labor for more than 20 years.

Gary sambrook

MP for Birmingham, Northfield, Sambrook has a peak population of 1,640, having fought the Labor enemy who has been in power since 1992. Since coming to Westminster, Sambrook has been a prominent backbencher and secretary general of the 1922 Conservative MPs Committee.

“The group could be offended by the 200 people who post on Twitter, or send angry emails,” said one MP. “They forget that they represent thousands of voters.”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“There is something about being new, a little green and ignorant, and maybe not understanding the meaning or method, while those who went through Theresa May’s time are probably smart,” said another Tory MP. It took us nine months from the first letter interview to get a credible vote [on the former prime minister]and then he won. ”

But the conspirators have already turned to who will replace Johnson if their takeover puts him out of office. Many believe that they are supporting Liz Truss, a foreign writer. “She is very popular among the people we eat and she tries to attract us,” said one.

Some believe Chancellor Rishi Sunak could be a rival to Johnson. One of the members of 2019 said:

“We do not know when the presidential election will end, but what is clear is that Johnson’s leadership is doing well in the uprising. We will need strong hands as the next leader – someone like Sunak could be that person.”

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