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WhatsApp does not limit accounts for users who do not accept their privacy information

You can continue to use your WhatsApp account as long as you do not accept the privacy statement released earlier this month – for now. Facebook correspondents wrote an article to support the process before it took effect on May 15 slowly things you can get until you accept a new term. Now, it looks like WhatsApp has decided to change its approach and hopes to keep users here. It did TheNextWeb in words:

“Given the recent discussions with various officials and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we currently have no plans to reduce WhatsApp performance for those who have not received it right away. using other useful features, such as connecting to a business that is receiving support from Facebook. “

In his conversion support page, WhatsApp said it has no idea that reminders should be durable, which is why we consider them to come out sometimes and not often as confusing. First message service introduced the secret code was repeatedly revisited back in January, dealing with the expansion of its business intelligence tools and its new acquisition. Facebook contributes to this, and apparently, your business affiliate on WhatsApp can attract the ads you see on its parent company page.

Many users have understood that WhatsApp is forcing users to share information with Facebook, which led to the outrage that caused the company to stop first dissemination of the information. After citing “confusion and false information” around the revised points, WhatsApp opted out restart in February as well as giving people more time to review the changes by displaying a banner within the app to provide more information. This service has warned you that it will prevent you from using the entire program unless you agree to it. This is no longer the case, although WhatsApp may have changed its format in the future.

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