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What to expect from Google I / O 2021


Android 12 News

If there is one thing you can rely on this year, it is that Google will have a lot to say about the upgrade to Android 12. This is not surprising given the amount the company has already said about this. Other than that, at the time of publication, Google has released three previews for Android 12 developers, and has already started talking like integrated haptics with audio, video-visual effects, video AVIF image support, and much more.

Beyond that, it is also clear that Android is raising its face this year, although it is difficult to say what it will look like at the moment. Several visual images available by XDA show transparency, with updated notifications, less active panels, and new “chat” tools on the home screen that display missed messages and calls from your contacts. In the meantime, if you feel like you want to dig into a developer’s settings, there’s also a way to support new, integrated Settings that can make navigation menus for older phones easier.

There will be a lot of Android 12 that we still don’t know about here, and Google’s I / O key points and apps need to go a step further in defining the company’s vision. If Google just adheres to its pre-epidemic plans, you can expect to see the first Android 12 release in public soon as soon as the word is released, with full launch in August or September.

Transformation of assistants and smart home

As always, we look forward to hearing more about Google Assistant, though we haven’t heard much here. In essence, Google realized on his software manuals that we see “new announcements” and “other changes” of the Agent, and if what we’ve seen over the years shows, these could be ads that steal the show.

In the same vein, Google also says that we can expect the announcement of new Smart Home products, though it did not actually say it will reveal new devices. We need to see how it all works.

The past

Big change for Wear OS?

We are beginning to understand that something is happening with Wear OS this year. Consider: Last week, Google finally changed its dress code Gboard assistant to easily write on a small chat window, let me start requesting feedback from Android Wear users in a study that encouraged other people to take part in the research to inform the future. We may be reading more in a timely manner, but I have an O / O in the corner where Google has found the Fitbit rear-view mirror, starting to feel like the company is planning to make its own big way clothes.

Although the official release confirms that Google is working on a Pixel smartwatch, it is not known if the company wants to show up on I / O. (Importantly, we do not bet.) But that does not mean that we do not hear anything about new smartwatches.

Rumors continue to suggest that Samsung – a company that tested Android Wear before making a lot of money in its Tizen system – is back in the fold and a new Wear OS watch. This will be Samsung’s first-of-its-kind outfit by Google since 2014 Gear Live, and if we’re lucky, it could help launch a new way of designing, polishing, and popular Wear OS smartwatches.

Google Pixel entities

Billy Steele / Engadget

Pixels Buds A-list

We expect I / O 2021 to be lightweight on new devices, but Google may have fewer ads ready to go. In an advertising email sent by Google in April, the company indicated Green Buds that does not agree with any of the varieties we have seen being sold here. Then, Google by accident released the presence of his new Pixel Buds A in a tweet from an Android account.

Although the accident tweet did not reveal much, Google’s use of the “A” name strongly confirms that the new headphones will be cheaper than $ 179 Pixel Buds. Maybe tweeting and email was easy, and maybe Google has no intention of talking about its new wireless ears anytime soon. However, we would not be surprised if these items will have time to show up next week.

Google Pixel 5 review

Chris Velazco / Engadget


As always, there are a few things we do not expect Google to speak on stage, but it will not help but wait. First of all, there is the Pixel 5a 5G, the cheapest version of the Pixel 5. Last year this may be the year Google unveiled a new Pixel phone, a simple budget, but the release of the Pixel 4a last year wasted Google’s time. The company confirmed earlier in April that the Pixel 5a it was not resolved later, the spokesman said the new phone will reveal “according to the time when last year’s phones were launched.” When you take it for granted, it means we may not be looking for the first cheap Google Pixel until the summer, but who knows – I still keep my fingers crossed to announce I / O.

And when we talk about Pixels, it might be better if Google approves returned the curtain to Whitechapel, the only manufacturer that we expect to launch in the Pixel 6. We may see Google suspending it for a while, especially since the company didn’t say anything about the Pixel 6, but now it will be a good time to start getting developers inside.

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