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What Pop Culture Surprises You This Year?

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix The Witcher, smiling at Anya Chalotra's Yennefer.

Picture: Netflix

As bad as 2021 can be, pop culture gave us a bright spot. Stay that very good movies, strong video games, or interesting books, there were many escape routes that year went wrong between being the worst and the worst.

Often, the things we wanted or needed to be good can be good, or even great. You know by now that Marvel movie is giving you 2.5 hours of fun, or that original of Netflix (that the company wants to tell you that it exists) is often the most important weekend. Most interesting, though, are the things you do not expect to enjoy as much as you do, or the things you first mixed up or the negative thoughts, but in the end you won. Such anonymity is always welcome.

There were a few good surprises for me in 2021. I did not expect to win. Hawkeye on all shows, or enjoy the nonsense of of short duration Cowboy Bebop. Like many others, I was unprepared Arcane total overcoming, or because Masters of the Universe: Revelation making He-Man’s corner of the universe worthwhile. In the film, I found myself happy Evil, No Time to Die, and Dune, to name a few. And at the game, I came back and was welcomed Guardians of the Galaxy (e.g. many people) after the show iffy E3, along with a brilliant anime RPG Scarlet Nexus is a first-person shooter Boomerang X.

As we approach the end of last week 2021, tell us: what did you watch, play, or read this year that surprised you? Or, is there something you think you might want more than you do? Tell us in the comments below, and have a great vacation.

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