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What is a wasp, then?


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For those who have asked what is the meaning of wasps, here is the perfect answer. They feed mainly on microbes, release powerful antibiotics in their toxins, plant pollen, and even produce nutritious food.

The human benefit of the most hated insects is revealed in a preliminary study of scientists on the services they provide. It looked at some 33,000 known species of hunting wasps, which have stings and live anywhere in the world.

Yellow jackets and hornets, outdoor insects that have given wasps a bad name, and a small percentage of all wasp species. But even they do offer less well-known treatments, such as picking up worms on leaf spots. Yellowjacket pus is also investigated as a reliable treatment for cancer.

Many Insects abound, are a threat to public health, but wasps appear to be more courageous. Even among biologists, many still seem to avoid them, and scientists have said that more research is needed to understand them.

“When I tell people I don’t know that I study wasps, they go and say ‘Oh, which wasps?’ “Why not learn about bees instead? It’s very helpful,” said Professor Seirian Sumner at University College London. people hate wasps because he did not know what he was doing.

“We are happy with the idea that bees are biting, because we know they do good in the world,” he said. “That’s why we’ve found evidence to put wasps on a map based on their natural functions. Wasps can be similar to other insects that love them like bees, if we give them another chance.”

Research, published in the newspaper Insect Comments, studied 500 scientific reports of wasps. There are 100,000 species of wasps, but 70,000 are parasitic, which is quiet and well-studied. It is already used in agriculture to control pests without the use of pesticides. There are about 22,000 species of bees. “The wasp is the parent of the bee, so the bees are the wasps that forgot to hunt,” said Sumner.

Wasps are the main predators of insects. Recent research has found that it is common hunting wasps can direct the falling worm which destroys maize crops in Brazil, as well as a boring moth that eats sugarcane. The use of other pests is estimated at more than $ 400 billion a year, but hunting wasps have never been considered, scientists have found.

Yellow jackets and hornet jackets are some of the most useful ones, as they are insects that live and live in large areas. “That’s why you have so many hunters out there and get rid of germs and arthritis,” Sumner said. About 1,000 species of wasps are friendly and friendly. The rest live alone.

The wasps alone are very good. Their toxins have incredible drinking environments that paralyze animals and are also high in antibiotics, “said Sumner. wasps, saliva, and diarrhea have long been known as traditional medicine.

Sumner’s analysis found that wasps pollinate at least 960 species of plants, of which 164 depended entirely on pollination. They include orchids whose flowers attract male wasps at the end of female wasps.


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