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We are sorry that we ’caused trouble’, said Colonial petroleum residents


The robberies have been criticized this week for the redemptive operation on Colonial oil pipelines he asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Mu document to write on Monday, the DarkSide terrorist group claimed to be “politically neutral” and attempted to ignore the charge of rebelling against “fellow” individuals who used their redemptive tactics.

FBI on Monday named DarkSide as the largest eagles manufacturer that has picked up U.S. essential oil internet without pipes for three days, threatening to raise oil prices and forcing the US government to bring in emergency forces to keep things moving.

“The FBI confirms that the DarkSide rescue program is responsible for the disruption of the Colonial Pipeline,” the agency said in a statement. “We will continue to work with the company and our government partners on research.”

The ransom attack It also involves hackers who control a system or corporate program, locking out owners using secrecy until funds are disbursed.

“Our goal is to make money, not to create problems for people,” DarkSide said, adding that it would “monitor every company that our friends want to stop to avoid future problems”.

DarkSide emerged as one of the most popular outfits last August, and is believed to be operated by Russia by a well-known cybercrime group. A cyber security company from Silicon Valley Agreement has reviewed where DarkSide came from in a group known as Carbon spider, which “completely changed their approach” last year to focus on rapid growth ransom field.

“We’re a new thing in the market, but that doesn’t mean we have no knowledge and we haven’t come back,” DarkSide said in the past.

Brett Callow, an analyst with cyber security forces Emsisoft, said: “DarkSide does not eat in Russia. It looks at the language they use, and if it is Russian, it leaves without a hint.”

He also said the group has rented its services on the black internet. “DarkSide is a rescue operation. I think the colonial invasion was carried out by a colleague and the group is concerned about his interest.”

In an effort to prove that redemption has become a professional development company, DarkSide uses the “printing office” and claims to have the right approach in deciding what it wants. The DarkSide site states that “in accordance with our principles”, it will prevent attacks on medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and vaccine makers; funeral directors; schools and universities; nonprofits and government agencies.

This is in contrast to all other redemption industries, whose health care providers and government agencies are some of the main goals. Colonial Pipeline is a business company about vendors combined Shell, KKR and Koch Capital.

IT security company Kaspersky said DarkSide’s goal is to “create as many online rumors as possible”.

“Observing more journalists can lead to more DarkSide fears, which could mean the next big opportunity to choose to pay rather than cause problems,” Kaspersky researcher Roman Dedenok said recently. blog post.

His previous goals include Brookfield business group,, a Canadian car rental company Enterprise, and CompuCom, a US IT subsidiary with Office Depot.

Arete, a victim of cybercrime, has found that DarkSide often employs professionals and manufacturing companies, with its estimated redemption of between $ 3m and $ 10m, although the Bleeping Computer security page has found less evidence to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. .

In conversation by email and security blog, a DarkSide representative who calls himself “DarkSupp” said the outfit assessed how much he could afford – for example, when looking at their insurance – before deciding how much to pay.

“We’re just attacking companies that can pay the bills they ask for,” DarkSide said in the past. “We don’t want to kill your business.”

According to observations from one person published by Computer Sleep, DarkSide sends each target a clear list of headlines entitled “Welcome to Darkness”. Details and examples of the theft are displayed and victims are warned to post these online for up to six months if they refuse to pay. This tactic locks the victims in their system and threatens to embarrass them by making what the abductors known as a “double robbery”.

DarkSide gangsters also try to convince their victims to play by their own rules, saying: “We appreciate our history. If we do not work with our debts, no one will pay us back. ”It also provides technical assistance,” in the event of a crisis “by using a covert tool that victims receive in return.

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Rescue rates jumped 62 percent last year, according to a manufacturer of firefighting equipment SonicWall, plus more than 200m trips to the US. This is driven by the epidemic, as businesses forced to flee the office have struggled to find jobs far away, as well as the rise of bitcoin, through which many hackers want to pay. A recent study by Hiscox insurance group found that more than half of those redeemed save.

Additional reports of James Politi in Washington


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