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Waymo will add custom-designed EVs to Chinese company Geely to its robotic taxi fleet

In the future, Waymo pa robotic ships in the US will have electric vehicles designed specifically for use by Chinese automotive manufacturers Geely. Alphabet has teamed up with Geely to design a brand new Zeekr electric car that was designed for personal use. Waymo elaborated on and illustrated the revised EV version, which was made in Sweden, in a blog post.

It has no steering wheel or pedals, as you would expect to get here from a self-driving car – while the lodge has a tablet that often serves as a navigation and infotainment system. Waymo said he modified the car and provided it with a comfortable place to enter, a generous head and legs, reclining chairs and chargers around. The company will incorporate its Driver technology, which includes its software and hardware tools such as cameras and sensors, in vehicles.

Waymo’s modern fleet features hybrids of Jaguar I-Paces and Chrysler Pacifica that have also been modified by its technology. Although it did not specifically mention his vehicles, the prophet said TechCrunch results that his contract with Geely will not affect his current contract. The company did not specify when it would be possible for passengers to board Geely’s vehicles, only to be added to its US fleet in the coming years.

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