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Watch SpaceX launch its Crew-3 mission here during the 9PM ET

After a little late, SpaceX is finally (hopefully) ready to launch Crew-3 function. SpaceX and NASA are looking forward to bringing the Crew Dragon capsule from Cape Canaveral at 9:03 PM Eastern, and you can see the movement here using the company’s YouTube. way, via SpaceX website or NASA TV. The latest release starts at 4:45 PM ET.

It has a window open right away, so any errors or weather problems will cause officials to delay the departure of Crew-3 to the “recovery reserves” on November 11th at 8:40 PM ET. SpaceX and NASA imposed a previous setback on the season, a minor medical problem and a desire for Crew-2 to return (a good start).

This is SpaceX’s fifth flight. If all goes well, mission chief Raja Chari and members of Tom Marshburn, Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer (last from ESA) will stand with the International Space Station on November 11th at 7:10 PM ET. Be scientific and participate in station events until April 2022.

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