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WandaVision VFX Reel Breaks Vision’s Last Death

“We’ll greet you again … but after the show has filled me up.”
Gif: ILM / Marvel Studios

It’s been a year since then WandaVision the first Disney + hit, then we wait for the Scarlet Witch to come Wonderful Doctor In Various Insanity to deal with any problem “so I heard sad and magical brought out of the small town /the witch is passing by/ corpse made of my android lover ” business, in the meantime, ILM has given us a great opportunity to look back and see the emotional effects of this series coming together.

Instead, as a VFX house Marvel reel recently it’s about the time Wanda lowered Hex around Westview together, saying goodbye to the vision of, Vision, which she created as her loving husband. You see how it started on set — with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany walking around the lighting with a green curtain is pushed around, until Bettany deserves almost strangely he comes out of the camera at the last minute of his “break”, and then I see him grow slowly. VFX images to the end.

And there are a lot of little refreshments that have been shown, as it illuminates all the old versions of Wanda and Vision’s house from the show, as well as all the ways to turn Bettany’s Vision Drop into a synthezoid we all know and love. Especially interesting in this regard is the moment in Vision Destruction in which we see the “nerves” of his body break – and how the system we see was formed according to the same moment from. Years of Ultron, as we see the golden pattern shining on the Stone of Life placed on the forehead of the Vision. As we saw when he was “born,” as he was when he was “dead,” it is a little touching that makes the sad events even more tragic, if you think you have been deeply affected by a TV program. at this point.

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