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WandaVision, Marvel Showcases the 2021 Most Visual Movies

Wanda Maximoff, wearing a blue shirt, sits on a striped bed and speaks directly to the camera.

Picture: Marvel Studios

It’s happening Scarlet Witch enchanted more than the town of Westville. Marvel’s first Disney + TV series, WandaVision, has become a 2021. TV show Other Marvel movies also ruled top 10, and only a few — but always cruel in nature — except.

This is according to TorrentFreak, a file sharing page, which has kept these statistics for years Game of Thrones commanded the proverb pirate ship, which was followed by The Mandalorian in 2020. Regarding 2021, top 10 most downloaded on TV on Bittorrent (and as you can legally see) are …

1) WandaVision (Disney +)

2) Loki (Disney +)

3) The Witcher (Netflix)

4) Falcon and Winter Soldier (Disney +)

5) Hawkeye (Disney +)

6) What if…? (Disney +)

7) Foundation (Apple TV)

8) Rick and Morty (variety)

9) Arcane (Netflix)

10) Wheel of Time (Great video)

As you can see, all five Marvel TV releases released in 2021 cut, taking five of the top six places. Although Hawkeye made it, which is the most interesting since the last episode was released a week ago, on December 22. As for the rest, we have two editions of our favorite fiction books (The Witcher and Wheel of Time), one tool for a series of science fiction novels (Foundation), a single connection to the most popular video games (the League of Legends prequel Arcane), and then the best-known, most popular religious art of the last five years (Rick and Morty). I think I shouldn’t be surprised that people who are smart enough to be able to do crazy things can also be crazy, but I wonder if they are all solid Marvel fans. I also wonder if WandaVision climbed the list because it was already released in January, and was available for a long time.

There are also some warnings in this order; Firstly, these figures do not show any further downgrades from other moving pages, and second, the rankings “take one segment which means that seasonal packs are not represented by the pressures that are released simultaneously.” So take this list with a grain of salt. If you are a pirate on the high seas of the rivers, it should be easy to buy.

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