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Walmart is using non-motor vehicles to complete seven rounds

As he promised. he announced. Despite the restrictions, the route to Bentonville, Arkansas includes “transit routes, street lighting and integration into downtown streets,” the companies said. This is another good news for the advancement of self-driving cars after the GM was introduced self-driving taxis to test last week.

Gatik vehicles are bringing in purchases from Walmart to complete the site (dark store) to a shopping mall near Walmart Neighborhood Market in Bentonville, the city’s headquarters. This approach affects the “middle miles” of transport between goods between stores and stores. The program was successfully implemented following a December 2020 approval by the Arkansas State Highway Commission, and has been in operation since this summer.

The new project is part of Walmart’s transition to a hub-and-spoke brand with a storage space or storage space next to customers. Doing so means smaller warehouses, so “there is a need to make repeated trips from the warehouse to the warehouse,” Gatik chief Gautam Narang said. Price CNBC. “That’s where we go.”

Walmart is not the first superstore to go without a driver, like Kroger agreed is the start of self-driving Nuro to bring to the grocery store in 2018. However, at the start, Nuro delivery cars were relatively small, with Walmart and Gatik using box-filled cars.

Walmart and Gatik are conducting similar tests around New Orleans with electric vehicles, getting customers to carry them. However, this is being used by safe drivers in the arena, so the Arkansas test is the first driver-free option. “Our transfer to Bentonville is not a one-time show,” Narang said. “This is a common occurrence, cost-effective, day-to-day operation in which our vehicles are safely completed on public roads, demonstrating good business practices and professional driving skills with no drivers on the middle ground.”

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