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Walmart can provide cryptocurrency with NFTs

Walmart obviously do not want to be left out crypto rush. Price CNBC but learned Walmart wrote a number of articles software and the USPTO at the end of December to sell almost everything, and in another statement it said it would offer cryptocurrency as well NFTs. While the record does not prove that he did anything, business lawyer Josh Gerben told him Price CNBC the indicators were very detailed – Walmart was clearly thinking about how to use digital money and marketing.

In a statement, a spokesman for Walmart told Engadget that the company was “constantly monitoring” how new technologies could affect acquisitions, and that it “regularly” posted signals as part of the project. Don’t expect the company to confirm or reject the plans right now, otherwise.

It would not be unusual for Walmart to get involved in cryptocurrencies or NFTs. After Facebook changed its name to Meta and showing its intent to promote metaverses, there has been a rush among the big companies to get into the air with cash, NFTs or both. Adidas, Nike, Gap and other well-known brands have started selling NFTs and showing intentions for creating real estate. Walmart may not want to risk missing out if this continues, although it is not quick to get involved with startups.

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