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Wall Street stores are moving ahead in the price of American prices

Wall Street currencies were mixed ahead of US inflation over the weekend that could predict the future of central banking laws.

The broad-based S&P 500, the well-known Wall Street brand, fell 0.3%, while the index looks at the Nasdaq Composite index which grew 0.2% in daytime trading.

The Stoxx Europe 600 gained 0.2% to complete the round, however, as traders fluctuated cheap European organizations. The UK FTSE 100 rose 0.1 per cent.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect inflation in the U.S. on Thursday to show that consumer prices rose 4.7% in May since the same month last year, following April’s unpredictable increase. The economic downturn, which eliminates unnecessary food and energy, is expected to be at an annual rate of 3.4%, the highest since 1993, according to More about St Louis Fed.

The Federal Reserve, which is meeting next week, is seeing a sharp rise in the economy if the temporary economic outcomes reopen after the epidemic. Advertisers are wary, however, of the ever-increasing cost that forces investors to raise interest rates faster than planned. Starting in March last year, the Fed purchased $ 120bn of assets each month and made loans for lending.

“This will be a year of financial transformation,” said Gergely Majoros, a member of Carmignac’s European fund manager. After becoming accustomed to strong support from central banks, he added, “the change will be difficult for investors to manage”.

Janet Yellen, US secretary of state, told Bloomberg on Sunday that it would be “better” if President Joe Biden’s spending money were to rise slightly.

“We’ve been struggling with very low inflation and the lowest interest rate now for a decade,” Yellen said.

Financial companies were “not using cheap money”, added Patrick Spencer, vice-chairman of Baird’s stock exchange, in reference to the so-called jumps. meme in stocks loved by retailers and The angry tree is moving you will smoke. “We need to get rid of sugar.”

Cinema chain AMC and software group BlackBerry gained more than 13% on Monday, while GameStop retailer, was up about 10%.

Advertisers in the stock market were also concerned, Majoros’ Carmignac added, of companies failing to meet the expectations of experts.

After a quarterly bonanza on both sides of the Atlantic, with businesses benefiting from the re-opening of the economy, forecasts increased their expectations for the second quarter results.

“The analyst of optimism has reached a climax,” Liberum scholars Joachim Klement and David Mak wrote in the comments.

“We hope that the next phase of the acquisition will be a reality for many professionals and those who will sell the money.”

Yields on the US 10-year-old US economy, which moved differently from its price, rose by 0.01 percent to 1.565%. Yields have risen from almost 0.9% since early 2021 as traders expect higher inflation, which undermines interest rate payments.

Brent’s shirt has dropped 0.5% to $ 71.53 a barrel after reaching its highest level since May 2019 in Asian trading in early Monday.

In monetary terms, the Mexican peso increased 0.8% to 19.80 per dollar after Andrés Manuel López Obrador it seems stable losing a third of the three seats in the small House of Representatives in Mexico required a major legislative change The euro rose by 0.3% compared to the $ 1.2199 dollar. Sterling gained 0.2% to $ 1.4177.

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