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Volvo hopes to build cars using fuel-free steel

Volvo was not ashamed to look for green cars in the middle of it electrical plans and effort fertile skin, but now it is developing their perceptions about the bodies of those vehicles. As Products reports, Volvo has interact is a Swedish metal manufacturer SSAB for the production of oil-free steels. The manufacturer is exploring how SSAB-based hydrogen-powered generators can be used to suppress motor vehicle CO2 and to generate a powerful electric motor.

SSAB hopes to make its own stainless steel in 2026. Volvo is finally looking to use the metal in manufacturing vehicles and could be connected to SSAB’s progress. You can see the results soon, Volvo is thinking about a mind car built around new ones.

We do not know if the new tire will increase the price of the car.

This could be an important part of Volvo and the whole business. While Volvo electric vehicles produce less CO2 emissions from scrap metal than flammable fuels, at 20% versus 35%, that is a priority. The residual steel can make Volvo sit on the edge as it competes with green-minded consumers, and can encourage opponents to move in the same direction.

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