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Vivaldi has released the first Android Automotive browser

Google Updates Android Automotive operating systems are not available on most vehicles here, and software selection may feel a bit limited at times, but today it is adding a browser to its hardware. And, no, we do not mean Chrome. As of today, Vivaldi’s secret browser is available . It is the first of Android Automotive and the company, which had not yet released its software for cars today.

Vivaldi says security was one of the key factors in developing a browser for Android Automotive. To that end, it may be possible to start a conversation when your car is stopped. When you start to unload something and start running again, Vivaldi will lower the video just to listen.

Naturally, confidentiality was also very important to the group. The browser does not keep your browsing archive every time you open the password tab. If you want to transfer your data between devices, you can do this by logging in to your Vivaldi account. What the company says Polestar can’t find.

Vivaldi’s Android Automotive model took over the company’s release. You do not find the functionality of the computer – for example, is missing – and Vivaldi has stopped a few more. It is not possible to download files and scan QRs, for example. Otherwise, there is no significant difference between the release of Android Automotive and other versions of Vivaldi, and the company says updates will come more frequently.

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