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Vaxxinity hopes its expertise in Covid jab could help tackle Alzheimer’s

The U.S. technology company Vaxxinity has raised hopes of a possible response to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because of the unprecedented and energy-boosting efforts of vaccine research since the outbreak.

Covid-19 has already introduced the first approved mRNA vaccine and now Vaxxinity is developing a coronavirus-based version of a protein that is said to be highly potent.

“Some of today’s most effective drugs are biological agents, but they are far more expensive and often difficult to administer. Our vision is to confuse the drug group with the next vaccine, the next vaccine, “Mei Mei Hu, chief of Vaxxinity, told the Financial Times.

The Vaxxinity Covid-19 vaccine, currently in the second group, uses a method that also applies to “immunotherapeutic” vaccines that “train the body to make its own antibodies to the immune system”. It can also be used to treat damaged nerves.

This shot is very similar to the standard re-integrated protein coronavirus vaccine developed by Sanofi / GSK and Novavax. But instead of forming proteins in large barrels, Vaxxinity proteins are produced using chemicals.

Synthetic peptides mimic proteins, such as other vaccines, as well as other proteins from the Sars-Cov-2 virus that cause Covid-19.

“Selling Covid means not only showing a single component, one way of our infectious disease, but also being able to develop other programs from a technical standpoint,” Hu said.

Mei Mei Hu: ‘We suppressed what would take a long time to enter the Covid epidemic’ ©

Vaxxinity’s Alzheimer’s disease, which is said to use the same technique, encourages the body to remove sticky proteins called amyloid signals from the brain, because genetic testing has linked them to the symptoms of the disease. The final test for phase 2 was not large enough to be able to obtain statistical significance so I went to a larger study, said Hu.

An estimated 35m people suffer from cerebral palsy worldwide, and almost all the drugs available to treat the condition simply take the symptoms. On Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first Alzheimer’s drug that seeks to reduce the progression of the disease.

Some pharmaceutical companies have tried to develop a drug similar to Vaxxinity’s drug in the past but without success. Monoclonal antibody injections made by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson were discontinued in 2012 after several cases began to develop brain tumors in clinical trials. Vaxxinity said it has solved the problem and its business is now safer and more consistent.

Coronavirus has accelerated the entire process of Vaxxinity, said Hu. “We have suppressed what would take a long time to enter during the Covid epidemic. Things that took five years to complete were up to 18 months. ”

Hu added that the company has expanded its internal equipment to support clinical trials around the world and is working to develop more reliable equipment.

Since the inputs for Covid-19 shooting, called UB-612, are a little cheaper and the vaccine does not need to be stored too cold, the company hopes to sell it, especially to low-income countries. However, it is said to have been interested in developed markets, including the EU. Although the shooting has not been approved, Vaxxinity has already confirmed the value of the 140m range, he says.

Caroline Casey, of analytics company Airfinity, said Vaxxinity is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, such as biotech American Moderna, to promote and develop the Covid-19 vaccine.

“If they have developed a Covid vaccine and have a similar vaccine in their pipeline, making one will be very helpful in selecting others,” he said.

Vaxxinity is affiliated with the US at United Biomedical, a medical team in Taiwan founded by Wang Chang-yi, Hu’s mother. It also produces anti-migraine drugs and hypercholesterolaemia, a condition that raises blood fats.

Hu said his team had grown to support the epidemic. “As a result we are better off taking some of our own pipes, including vascular disease and others,” he said. “It also contributed to the company’s collapse.”

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