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Valve’s Steam Deck will not be shipped until 2022

This valve has delay establishment of Steam Deck on two months. Mobile PCs will now start shipping sometime in February 2022 – instead of December this year, as previously announced. The company condemned the global delay in semiconductor vibrations that affected everything from GPU prices to making cars.

“Sorry for this – we did our best to contribute to the global crisis, but due to a shortage of resources, equipment is not reaching our production facilities in time to meet our early days,” Valve said. he said.

If you pre-ordered the Steam Deck before today, you will save the space you are on the storage queue, but the date your Steam Deck will ship returns. Valve is going to change the estimates to send soon to today’s announcement. While any delays are painful, his timing is in line with the release of such great games Elden ring and Bright Light 2.

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