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VacOne Coffee Air Brewer Review: Sweet, Hot Coffee and Vacuum


If the design of VacOne looks good, it is because the same company sold the same thing in 2019 and 2020 called FrankOne. I tested the beer again and found that it contained tiny pebbles – the round filter came out frequently, and the ring skirt does not always make a refreshing seal inside the cafe. The problems were rectified, and the machine relaunched under the new name. It will be available directly on the Vac Coffee page starting this week and will be available to other retailers in June.

The company’s chief producer and founder, Eduardo Umaña, has been on the WIRED radar for some time. She is made beautiful analog clocks which we had already shown, and they made a beautiful and interesting table lamp he turns when you whistle. Umaña is a Colombian, and its founder Otto Becker comes from a Guatemalan family that has been growing coffee for five generations. The two reunited with former World Barista Champion Raul Rhodes, Also from Guatemala, start a mailing mail mailing letters on the high-profile shootings that will launch later this year.

I asked Umaña to give me the secret she used to make coffee in VacOne to try for myself: 20 grams of coffee grounds, 250 milliliters of hot water up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit, after 75 seconds.

They also recommend the use of a good bean mill: number 6 is based on The Garden of Eden grinder (WIRED’s favorite grinder), which is very close to what you put in the espresso machine. If you do not grind your own beans, or if you have a grinder that does not allow you to change the size, you can use any “espresso grind” bag on VacOne, which works best.

Surprisingly, the proper use of milling cleanses alcohol thoroughly. I’ve been using a larger grinder (number 20 to put on my Encore) as the size you like to use for throwing, and I realized that the coffee that comes out of VacOne was a little cloudy. I was amazed to see that moving to a smaller mill led to a better cup of coffee which – most of all – tasted better.

The machine also produces cold beer. It was hard for me to get a satisfying cool cup from VacOne, but as soon as I struggled with the amount of water and crying time (again, guided by Umaña) I came to a good drink. I tested 30 grams of coffee and 200 ml of water and left it to cool for about six minutes. It came out bright and shining; a few notches away from the kind of leaven you receive from one night in the cold of winter, yet delicious and ready in a moment.


Photo: Vac Coffee

My biggest complaint at VacOne is the cleaning that happens. After the brew ring, there are two pieces to wash, and one of them (the head of VacOne) has a ring-shaped ring of melted coffee cake on the floor. You can tilt it around the top of the compost and gently run the sides until the pimples come out, but you are left with enough residue to need a little scraper and paper towel and walk under the bomb. Your hands should be dirty no matter what. The little complaint is that the amount of coffee you can make once you brew it is 14 hours. This is not a problem for me, as it is my daily limit. But if you have two or three coffee drinkers in your home, you have to work longer hours.

At $ 89, the price is reasonable — especially with a 16-month warranty against foul play. If the carafe breaks or the filter breaks, you can purchase it instead ($ 25 per carafe and $ 8 for a filter), which affects friendships.

Every coffee lover with his or her own cuisine – especially a high-quality coffee grinder and a good temperature controller – should consider adding VacOne to their equipment. It’s smart, easy to use, and makes for a very large cap.


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