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US Returns to Climate Change — And Nothing Has Changed

John Kerry, Special Representative of the President of the United States Climate, right, shakes hands with President Alok Sharma of the COP26 summit at the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday.

John Kerry, Special Representative of the President of the United States Climate, right, shakes hands with President Alok Sharma of the COP26 summit at the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday.
Picture: Alberto Pezzali (AP)

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND -Every Democrat in Glasgow for United Countries season meeting, from John Kerry to Joe Biden AOC to Barack Obama, he shared one message. After four years of the Trump administration acting like a destructive ball, the politicians said, US and back in the weather plan he is ready to lead the world in success. There is only one problem: It is a myth.

The average American Democratic voter may think of the Obama administration as the golden standard when it comes to the UN’s current leadership. It did not happen by accident: OhOver the past four years, Democrats have made the Paris Agreement – and, the image of Barack Obama as a world-class world champion – a major part of their image. Joe Biden campaigned hard for the restoration of the Paris Agreement. Trump almost moska bad The history of climate and the environment played a significant role in enhancing the image of the past.

As a result, the message of the US “return” to Glasgow should be a little more interesting so that everyone can be happy that the authorities are back in the room and ready to help. It is a very real interpretation when it comes to staff. Mmany of the US negotiating team in Glasgow, especially Kerry himself, were part of Workers in the Obama administration.

But it is important to remember that for many parties around the world, especially those most affected by the weather, the Obama administration was not clean. It was tormentor. The US has always acted on its short-term economy selfishness in the case of global climate change, even those that are opposed to reducing emissions or helping poor countries. While the Paris Agreement was the most successful one on the table, the US walked a a very difficult business against many countries essential surviving climate change to make it possible.

“U gamesS Obama’s time, and even now under Biden, I look like a current leader but not doing anything that would cause us to do anything, “Brandon Wu, Director of Policy and Campaigns at ActionAid USA, told me via email. What this means, Wu explained, making small alliances like big winners and “negotiating in a spirit of tolerance” – while refusing to do what is required.

“This is very similar to how the US operated under Obama,” he said. “They are chanting ‘climate change in the US’ when they do not promise to reduce air pollution or neglect the most important things in developing countries – economics and resilience and sustainability.”

Looking at how the US is operating in Glasgow, it is easy to see this happening. Kerry support lambasted fat oil as the “meaning of madness” in Glasgow last week. But the US is the world’s largest producer of oil and gas, and Kerry’s team insisted that the language be included, which allows for he continued Fuel oil support is understandable in this regard. The US is also the world’s most historic representative, who are responsible for the catastrophic damage that developed countries around the world find themselves — and paying for. Negotiators from small islands to be he called US in particular such as pushing hard against the fulfillment of promises of real financial assistance at this conference. That’s exactly refusing to take responsibility for years economic growth is linked to fossil fuels that have made it one of the richest countries in the world.

Glasgow is “the same old scandal of Kerry and the Obama militia,” Nathan Thanki of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice told me on Twitter DM. “The US problem is how a) can paint a picture of climate change while b) advance US oil and gas demand.”

Later, the country signed more a promising to reduce methane emissions (without penalty for failing to do so) by neglecting the opportunity to join the international community who have formed a coalition of governments with the goals of ability to produce oil and gas. He also avoided a the promise of switching to electric vehicles as Biden’s management did he spoke of his devotion to them at home.

Diplomacy is deceptive, difficult decisions have to be made, and no country is perfect. But the American people must be responsible for the work that our ambassadors do abroad. We need to understand that when Kerry and his team refer to the US and “return” to the UN, other countries could be grateful to have the world’s second-largest producers on the table – as well as a little scared what the bully in the room will do.

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