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US pilots warn C-Band 5G could lead to ‘dangerous disruption’

Airlines say “disaster” could happen Wednesday as AT&T and Verizon launch their new C-Band 5G network. In a letter obtained by , Managers of several well-known cargo and cargo airlines, including Delta, United and the Southwest, warn that disruption of 5G platforms could affect security equipment on their flights.

“Unless our major facilities are designed to fly, more commuters and shippers will settle down,” he said in a letter, sent to White House Economic Council, Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communications officials. Commission, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “Prompt action is needed to prevent serious disruption of operations for airlines, shippers, carriers and the provision of essential medical care.”

Pilots have requested that AT&T and Verizon not provide 5G support within two miles from the busiest and most important airport in the country. He also urged the government to ensure that “5G is used only if the platforms are close to airports until the FAA can determine how this can be achieved without serious disruption.” set up 5G zones at airport 50 on January 7th.

The letter is a recent development among the aviation and wireless companies. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon were used early 2021 to protect the C-Band model that FCC sold. In November, AT&T and Verizon agreed Their C-Band was released until January 5 to help the FAA deal with any disruptive issues. Then he decided to reduce his energy level near the airports and agreed on some more on January 4th.

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