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US medical adviser Fauci warns that Covid cases ‘rise sharply’

Presidential adviser Joe Biden warned Sunday that the number of Americans with Covid-19 should “rise sharply” before the new year.

Anthony Fauci told ABC News on Sunday that “the number of cases… Will probably increase significantly” due to the “surprising spread” of Omicron coronavirus.

The latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that about three quarters of Covid’s new cases in the US have been linked to this new type.

“Obviously we have to do better,” Fauci said. “I think things will get better when we get to Januaryware, but it doesn’t help us today and tomorrow.”

The US has released about 3.9m new Covid over the past 28 days, according to recent Johns Hopkins University, with a sharp rise in the past week. Local authorities have not commented on coronavirus cases and the number of hospitals over the weekend, but cities including New York and Washington DC have also reported a sharp rise in Covid cases during the holiday season.

The outbreak of lawsuits in the US reflects the situation in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. China also reported an increase in cases since January over the weekend, with France and Italy reporting a number of new cases in one day.

The sharp rise in Covid cases in the U.S. comes amid a slowdown in PCR and home screening that results in long queues in many US cities and raises concerns that Americans have unknowingly spread the virus over the Christmas holidays.

“People should get tested before they meet, especially people at high risk. . . we have a lot of vaccines, it’s not a problem, but unfortunately we don’t have enough tests, “Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Public Health, told. Fox News Sunday. “This is what we were supposed to have for several months and I am disappointed that this is where we are as a country.”

Biden he confessed his wrongdoing in a televised interview last week, he said the White House would have pushed for the immediate release of Covid tests across the country. Just four days before Christmas, the President announced that the government would purchase a 500m home test and send it by mail – which many government officials said was too late.

Health officials in the US say they have been affected by reports from South Africa and the UK showing that the Omicron genus is smaller than the previous generation of coronavirus. But he continues to warn of the dangers of uncircumcised Americans, who may be hospitalized or die from Covid compared to those who have been vaccinated.

According to the most recent statistics published by Our World in Data, more than 60 percent of US people are “fully vaccinated” with two jabs, while nearly one in five has been shot three times.

Fauci said the White House was “deeply concerned” by the millions of Americans who are eligible for the vaccine but have not received jabs.

“While we are pleased with the evidence from several countries that it seems there is a bit of a maturity, we must be careful not to get involved in it,” Fauci said. “It could result in more people being hospitalized in the United States.”

The New York State Department of Health has released a warning Christmas evening at the “growth of Covid-19-related children’s hospitals”, especially in New York City. Health officials there have warned that the number of hospitalized children with the virus has quadrupled between December 5 and December 19. Children under the age of five in the US are not eligible for the vaccine.

Many U.S. cities have enacted immunization laws that limit the ability of non-vaccinated Americans to enjoy restaurants, concerts, and other public places. The U.S. Supreme Court next month will consider whether Biden’s management has issued a national vaccination to employers with more than 100 employees.

US airlines have it banned hundreds of aircraft in recent days, carriers are criticizing staff shortages after the majority of workers tested their Covid at one of the busiest times of the year.

In France, 105,000 new infections were introduced on Christmas Day, the highest since the plague began. Experts speculate that Omicron is now the leading cause of disease in Paris.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron will hold an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss whether strict measures to reduce the spread are needed, such as arriving home or delaying starting school after the holidays. But so far the government has been pushing instead to push for incentives to be delivered more quickly, rather than putting in place business mitigation measures that could undermine economic recovery.

Much will depend on whether French hospitals can handle large-scale adoption over the Christmas and beyond. Zake hospitals have been under pressure from a shortage of staff and inefficiency even before the full power of the Omicron brand was unheard of. The death toll rose to 1,031 last week – an unprecedented rate since last April – to bring the total death toll to 122,500.

Additional reports of Leila Abboud in Paris

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