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US has released NSA winner Reaker Winner out of his hands

The US government has released Truly a Winner, a former NSA builder who issued a statement on Russia’s trial interfering in the 2016 elections, from prison to supervision. The winner is currently at the Residential Reentry Management Center in Texas, according to Independent.

“His release was not due to pardon or a compassionate method of translation, but to the time he received from good manners while in prison,” said Alison Grinter Allen, Winner’s lawyer. He said on Twitter.

When the Champion’s term expires in November, his family is demanding full pardon from President Joe Biden. “The truth has been working for a long time and it has suffered a lot of pain to strike out one man’s opinion on the legitimacy of his decision,” Allen said. Independent. “That’s the only way to do this.”

Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, was recently informed MSNBC connects with the White House every day since President Joe Biden began working to try to secure his daughter’s pardon. In the meantime, he has received a letter of reprimand, stating that another company has taken the case.

“Trump’s superiors persecuted Reality very severely because of his release. And the silence of the administration continues to persecute him,” he told the network. “All it can take is [Biden’s] signing to change his decision and bring him home. “

The U.S. government built the Winner in 2017 and He was sentenced to five years and three months’ imprisonment, the longest sentence of any defendant Espionage Law, after pleading guilty to sharing confidential documents with the media. Many of Winner’s attackers say it happened Acceptance. The court’s reporters reportedly sent the original document that Winner sent to them to the government for confirmation. Included metadata that points controls directly to Winner, which led to his arrest two days earlier Acceptance published its report. The seller has since admitted that it has not changed since then.

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