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US Congress spokesman calls for boycott of Beijing Olympic Games


Nancy Pelosi, US spokeswoman Xinjiang.

Pelosi urged the US and other countries not to send high-level agents, in an effort to pressure the Chinese government over their persecution of the Uyghurs, whom Biden’s officials called “killings”.

“We cannot go on as if there is nothing wrong with the Olympics going to China,” Pelosi told the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission House of Representatives. “The past three decades have made it clear that we will not continue to give China any hope that their hopes will simply change.”

Biden officials discussed preliminary discussions with their colleagues, including in the UK and Australia, on a International boycott, but officials say no decision has been made regarding the game. Last week the state department said the Chinese government had changed Xinjiang into “Prison out and that Biden’s management is reviewing its options to ensure that it does not help China to use the game to win rumors.

Beijing has denied allegations that it has closed more than 1m Muslim Uyghurs and a few others in prisons in the northwestern region where it is sometimes used for forced labor.

The nationwide strike could include governments that are refusing to send officials or officials to the Olympics, the method used by the US at the 2014 Fifth Olympic Games in Sochi against Russian anti-gay laws.

“We should not disrespect the Chinese government by telling government officials to go to China,” Pelosi said.

Several Republican lawmakers have made the decision to negotiate but Pelosi, who has long criticized China for its rights, is the largest member of Congress to demand that this happen.

“As the President of this House and someone who has worked in China and for many years, it is very important,” said Sophie Richardson, China’s director of Human Rights Watch.

“If the Chinese government does not increase the number of cases of human rights abuses along with the stubbornness and adherence of the International Olympic Committee, no one should be surprised by this.”

Chris Smith, Republican of New Jersey who is chairing the committee and wants the game to leave China, will call on US companies sponsoring the 2022 Olympics to testify before Congress.

“We are appealing to all US officials, especially Coca-Cola, to testify,” Smith told the Financial Times, adding that he also wanted to hear from Mars, the only US company that has a joint venture with the Beijing Olympic Committee, against IOC.

“They may lose money but they need to realize that the money coming from a dictatorial regime that kills people is worth it.”

FT recently merged with more than two companies that have the right to partner with the Olympics but many he refuses in response.

A spokesman for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee did not respond on Tuesday. But he has already said it opposes the boycott. The US finally boycotted, when it withdrew its athletes from the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.


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