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US airlines warn of “unrest” as telecom groups release 5G

With the release of 5G high-speed telescopes threatening subterranean planes across the US, major U.S. airlines warned Monday, as they urged government agencies to intervene to prevent “commotion” from passengers and “countless” disruptions to handcuffs.

“The damage that will result from shipping on January 19 is much more serious than we expected,” warned Airlines for America, a tourist group, pointing out the potential. 5G missile operations that aircraft use for takeoff and landing.

The letter, which was first viewed by the Financial Times and first reported by Reuters, was signed by major US carriers and aircraft carriers of the country’s two largest airline, UPS and FedEx.

The companies have asked Biden officials to block the release of 5G using platforms within a two-mile radius from the airport that the Federal Aviation Authority has identified as prone to disruption.

“Unless our major facilities are designed to fly, most travelers and shippers will stop,” the receptionist wrote in a letter to officials including Brian Deese, head of the National Economic Council, and Pete Buttigieg, the transport operator. secretary.

The White House and the travel department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Airlines for America spokesman declined to comment.

AT&T and Verizon planned to launch their 5G service on December 5, but delayed the launch by one month to give it time to review security. The two telecom groups initially rejected a request from management to delay their release by another two weeks until January 19, but later. he agreed.

The 5G-enabled applications use frequencies of “C-band” radios, which can be close to those used by altimeters that measure flight distance from the ground and place information in navigation devices and other aircraft protection systems.

The FAA has developed around 50 airports with wireless transmitters near runways, in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. However, pilots make sure that this is not enough to avoid distractions.

The 11-year-old who signed the letter on Monday said the FAA’s recent statement on the issue had reduced the risk of disruption, and that a ban on airports at those 50 airports could leave “a long history of working ships” fixed.

On Sunday the FAA removed the aircraft using two types of radio altimeters to reach the lowest point at airport 88 expecting to be severely affected by the disruption of the 5G C-band.

The FAA’s approval of these aircraft could leave 1,100 airlines and 100,000 passengers affected by the suspension or delay of a normal day, Airlines for America warned, saying it had established that air traffic controls would not simply happen due to inclement weather.

Warning of aircraft about the “innumerable” of passengers, crews and freighters comes as the companies continue to struggle to revise their pre-Covid plans as they face severe weather storms.

On Monday, FlightAware reported that more than 2,500 US visits were delayed, and more than 1,600 were blocked.

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