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US accuses two suspected robbers of ransomware threats | Cybercrime Issues

Russians in Ukraine, Ukraine, have launched cybercrime that has affected thousands of businesses, says the Department of Justice.

The Biden government has blamed two suspected robbers, Russian and Ukrainian citizens, respectively, for overcrowding. ransomware attacks which looks at US companies earlier this year.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the lawsuit Monday, claiming that it had paid $ 6.1m in compensation to one of the suspects.

Yaroslav Vasinskyi, 22, of Ukraine, and Yevgeniy Polyanin, 28, of Russia, are accused of using the ransomware REvil software to shut down American corporate computers and then demand payment of a ransom to release them.

“Together with its partners, the Department of Justice is conducting a series of arrests to identify and prosecute anyone, anywhere in the United States for ransom,” U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland told reporters as the charges were announced.

The two were charged with different offenses.

The US has criticized Vasinskyi for helping write the ransomware REvil, which targeted Florida-based Kaseya software company in early July, affecting 1,500 businesses worldwide.

RELIGION is reunited with a attack against The world’s largest animal processor, JBS SA, earlier this year.

Vasinskyi was arrested in Poland last month after being interrogated by the US, which also asked for his release, the Department of Justice said.

At present, Polyanin – which is still in existence – is accused of carrying out nearly 3,000 acts of terrorism that affected “many companies and corporations in the United States, including law enforcement agencies and municipalities throughout Texas,” Garland said.

Ransomware threats have increased over the past year, targeting businesses large and small, as well as local governments and hospitals.

A computerized attack against the Colonial Pipeline in May disrupted oil supplies in the southeastern US for several days. The US government said a month later had recovered information about the $ 4.4m ransom paid in cryptocurrency to the perpetrators of the conspiracy.

President Joe Biden received the charges against him on Monday, saying cybersecurity had become “essential” to his administration.

“We are bringing all government forces to disrupt online activities with actors, to promote domestic violence, to curb the misuse of money in the pursuit of redemption, and to promote international cooperation to disrupt the ransomware environment and counter the security ports of ransomware. Terrorists, “Biden said in a statement.

The U.S. protest led to the arrest of two other suspected militants linked with REvil and European authorities in Romania.

Europol claimed that the arrests were part of a “global legal process” to crack down on cybercriminals, but did not release the names of the suspects. It added that three other suspected rebels linked to REvil had been arrested since February.

Last month, the White House held an international anti-liberation conference hosted by more than 30 countries.

“We want to work with each other and with other international organizations to facilitate the sharing of information and provide the assistance we have been asked to deal with ransomware services that use financial institutions and financial institutions in our communities,” he said in a joint statement at the end of the meeting. . event.

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