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Universal Control gives you the opportunity to use Macs and iPads as a single machine

In addition to revealing a new type of iOS apps, watchOS with MacOS, Apple shared another impressive feature called Universal Control at WWDC 2021 today. In recent macOS, called Monterey, you will be able to bring the iPad closer to your MacBook and simply drag your image from your laptop to the tablet.

It is still unknown what type of equipment to support this, or what technology is being used to connect the two. But it looks like the MacBook will see the app seamlessly and you can use its keyboard and cursor to work on an iPad. This will allow you to do things like drag and drop files between the two machines or use your laptop keyboard to search for tablet-based search. This way, you don’t have to buy a special keyboard to get the mouse and iPad keyboard.

We’re still waiting for the details of the integration, but it looks like the recent move to ARM-enabled systems is helping these devices work together. When we learn more about the machines that you can run on MacOS Monterey and Universal Control on, we will redesign this, so stay tuned for more information.

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