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Union Says Amazon Terrorism Law in Alabama Election

The agreement also claimed that Amazon had reimbursed sponsors of the agreement. According to the affidavit, the company advised one of the opposition members to speak out against the alliance. The report alleges that Amazon unlawfully interviewed an employee who provided the company with legal cards in the workplace. The company then fired him.

In addition to these threats, the agency said Amazon had taken steps to please its partners. Once the election began, the company’s supporters said they began soliciting workers’ grievances and helping them fix, defy certain rules, and offer them bribes and free trade. The union questioned the use of Amazon’s “Offering,” the company’s annual fee that employees want to waive, calling it a “risk of collapse as a benefit.” The offer was not new or familiar with BHM1, but the former chairman of the NLRB told CNBC that the company must have suspended the election period.

Asked to comment on the allegations, an Amazon spokesman shared the results after the company blog post and wrote, “The fact is that less than 16 per cent of BHM1 workers voted to join the coalition,” a figure that includes a majority of votes and no votes. “Instead of accepting the choice of these workers, the council appears to be continuing to lie to its own advantage. We look forward to the next steps in accordance with the law.”

There are many reasons why workers may not vote. Some staff members said they were satiety and Amazon pay and its benefits. The local government, eager to bring jobs to the region most affected by the decline in manufacturing activity, attracted the company’s attention, and with huge sums of money in taxes Amazon made a habit. The company’s $ 15 minimum fee is twice as low as Alabama, although it is not available at other state-owned reserves. Some workers were worried about losing their jobs if the agreement was successful.

Restoration and closure of crops whose purpose is to prevent interaction with other areas is illegal, but its penalties change the pocket for many other employers. Leaving a $ 325 million new property and renting a 20-year lease could be a major setback, although it would not be possible for the $ trillion-making company to take over.

However, RWDSU said Amazon’s tactics against the alliance were dangerous, and the alliance was not an opportunity to fight. Violations of labor law are common in union elections, says Rutgers professor of labor education Rebecca Givan. Penalties for breaking the law are minimal, and many employers see it as a cost to do business.

Problems with the NLRB elections fall into two categories: the opposition, which has to do with the way the elections go, is due to take place at the NLRB office on Friday. Unemployment cases, especially anything that violates labor law, must be instituted within six months of the offense. RWDSU could put this in the future. Amazon could also make its own money, but the company has not responded if it wants to.

As a result, the NLRB regional office arranges the interviews, especially within three weeks. At the hearing, both parties can testify and summon and cross-examine witnesses. If useless cases have been reported in advance, they can be thrown into the mix or hear another aftermath.

The district superintendent may make a decision on an objection, or combine it with criminal proceedings and submit it to a legal judge, who will adjudicate unfair employment practices. Each side can appeal the decision to five board members in Washington, DC – that’s when international politics begins. Republicans oversee the NLRB since 2017, and are developing strategies for the benefit of their fellow employers during that time. He currently has 3-1 more, one seat is missing. However, the Republican era William Emanuel ended in August. President Biden could sit on two Democrats’ seats at the end of the year, and take over. If the Amazon case is long overdue, it may change the opportunity to request any agreement.

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