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UK Sci-Fi Series Intergalactic Finds Video Released by Peacock


Intergalactic Eleanor Tomlinson, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and Diany Samba-Bandza are planning.

Eleanor Tomlinson as Candy, Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Tula, and Diany Samba-Bandza as Genevieve.
Drawing picture: Sky One / Peacock +

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Violators of the place of UK Notes on sci-fi Mixtures running … to America. To help them is to help them NBC Peacock promotional platform, which plans to release them next week.

The whole eight-part series started crossing the pool on April 30 for a bit, but the promotions are starving for things that weren’t really a problem. Here is the complete trailer, followed by captions:

“Written by award-winning exhibition writer Julie Gearey (Prisoner’s Wives, Cuffs, Call Girl Secret Notes), the series tells the story of a fearless young police officer and galactic pilot, Ash Harper (‘@Alirezatalischioriginal), whose good work had taken him away after he was wrongly convicted of sedition and sent to a distant prison. But on the way there, Ash’s fellow prisoners plotted and seized their transfer ship. With the death of the pilots, the leader of the group Tula Quik (‘Sharon Duncan-Brewster ‘), Wants to reach the free world—Arcadia—wihis group, and Ash is the only pilot who can get them. Ash is forced to join them in flight to a distant galaxy and an uncertain future. ”

Two things about it. First of all, in the trailer, Ash is said to be a fugitive, apparently not found guilty but part of another intelligence operation, even though he only talks about how he plays as a strong criminal so hardened criminals do not kill him for being a police officer. Second, it is very unusual how the caption puts the names of the actors on the mind, as if there were other actors called “Savannah Steyn” and “Sharon Duncan-Brewster,” who play Ash and Tula on the show.

Mixtures will first air on May 13, with Peacock it will probably make all eight portions available at the same time if you want to eat more of them.

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