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UK police have raided a Bitcoin mining site that they think is a weed farm

It does not require much energy crypto mines raising major concerns Those who have Bitcoin. Suddenly, UK police said Close The Bitcoin miner illegally stole electricity after it was discovered by police who thought it was a marijuana farm.

Lawmakers in the West Midlands say they have been connected to where they have heard reports of “a large number of people visiting the agency.” A police drone also took a hot spot at the scene inside the Great Bridge Industrial Estate in Sandwell. Naturally, the supervisors made sure that they were looking for “telltale” signs of a useless factory.

But, when he arrived at the site on May 18, he found a large bank of about 100 computers instead. Authorities seized the weapons after discovering that Bitcoin miners had stolen thousands of electricity to use. No one was at home at the time of the shooting, but police say they have a plan to contact the owners of the site.

Crypto mines are a low-cost, time-consuming task that simply requires you to deal with mathematical difficulties in order to recover token components. Soon learning found that the power used to create cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is greater than other countries including Sweden and the Netherlands.

Sergeant Police Sergeant Jennifer Griffin stated: “It was not what we expected! It had all the hallmarks of cannabis cultivation and I believe it was the second such mine we encountered in the West Midlands. “

He also said that although crypto mining is not legal in the UK, electricity theft is virtually non-existent. Fortunately, the mine will soon be out of operation. Police said they had no intention of restoring the computers, with plans to seize them permanently in accordance with the Provenue of Crime Act.

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