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UK offices are on the rise as exports face taxes in 23 countries


Companies in place they would not enjoy all the benefits of the new tax if they exported to other countries including Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Singapore, the government has agreed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that eight English bills – announced in the Budget – will be a “reversible” benefit from Brexit.

But officials announced Sunday that Brexit’s recent agreement with 23 different countries includes bans that bargain manufacturers from entering the freeport sector to benefit from the deal.

Emily Thornberry, a trade secretary, said the terrorists would have been easily removed from the trade talks. “On top of that, this seems like a big mistake by the minister who got into his silo,” he said.

“As a result, I fear that manufacturers in towns, cities and regions in our country who have managed to provide millions of dollars are at risk of losing access to the major markets.”

In most cases, normal offices are set up so that companies can receive foreign goods and services free of charge – including taxes, VAT, or taxes – through a so-called “drawback” method.

But freeports businesses that enjoy these benefits will have to pay taxes by exporting their goods to the other 23 countries involved, unlike companies elsewhere in the country.

The trade department said there had been no “wrongdoing” but agreed that the so-called “ban” could also apply to those countries.

“It is not uncommon for a free trade union to have this,” said the department of Trade and Industry. “Where these rules apply, businesses may choose to benefit from the fines, or prices that may be incurred in accordance with the terms of the trade agreement – as long as they comply with the starting rules of the agreement – depending on their requirements.”

Sam Lowe, senior researcher at the Center For European Reform, said the legislation contradicts the “political” issue Eight new freeports have been announced in the Spring Budget it will change the economy.

“I always thought he was worthless,” she said. “It’s true that if you do things in the way you do, you will not be able to take advantage of the many trade opportunities.”

British exports to the 23 affected countries amounted to $ 35.56bn in 2019, about 10% of total UK sales worldwide in that year, according to a Labor party survey.

Thornberry said trade secretary Liz Truss must have been aware of this when she made recent agreements with countries including Canada, Singapore and Mexico.

“It would have taken an hour to discuss and write a letter to explain the UK’s policy of transporting people to negotiators from these countries and to remove the ban, and I do not understand why Liz Truss failed to do so,” he said. .

“I have written a letter to Liz Truss asking her to explain the situation, and if it needs to be improved, I urge her to return to the negotiating table with the 23 countries to repeal the legislation before accepting British office this year.”

New freeports in the Budget are at Teesside, London Gateway, Liverpool City Region, Humber, Felixstowe, Southampton, Plymouth and East Midlands Airport.

The problem is not related to the UK-EU trade agreement, which is their largest export market.


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