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Uber allows UK drivers to connect globally

Uber has forged a special partnership with one of the largest commercial corporations in the UK, for the first time for the Silicon Valley company to recognize a coalition of pilots traveling anywhere in the world.

The GMB agreement will be able to represent thousands of drivers at Uber in the UK, empowering them to negotiate, the two organizations announced on Wednesday.

This move follows The defeat of Uber this year in the UK Supreme Court, which ruled that its UK drivers are employees, entitled to low pay, vacation pay and pensions.

“You may think that Uber and GMB do not seem to be united but we have always agreed that drivers should be the first,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional manager for northern and eastern Europe. “We’re changing new things.”

However, Uber will not participate in negotiations on a wage agreement, including setting a minimum wage. Uber will “consult in other locations, in consultation,” Heywood said, but declined to comment further.

Some critics have criticized Uber for disregarding the Supreme Court ruling that drivers should be paid when registering their program, including in the middle of work. Today, Uber it just makes sense that its drivers in the UK receive less pay at the time they are offered to a customer.

Mick Rix, an employee at GMB, said the agreement “gives Uber confidence, and gives the team confidence around the world, to sit down and compare what we are doing and try to fix it”.

GMB, one of the UK’s largest cultural organizations, said it first visited Uber a few years ago but negotiations have continued rapidly since the court ruled in February.

Gig financial companies such as Uber have been at war with the alliance for years, arguing that traditional services are not in line with performance and changing customer turnover.

Last year, after a strong campaign by Uber and its rivals, voters in California approved Opinion 22, Financial production companies from the new labor law and establishing the role of directors as independent contractors.

In Europe, however, Uber’s role has begun to change, as it faces challenges from government and judges. It made a pact agreement to transport their food to Italy, in Germany whose drivers are employed through shipping companies.

GMB, which represents more than 620,000 employees in various industries, criticized Uber in the past, criticizing the company last year for “Dickensian actions and ideas”.

His idea of ​​partnering with Uber is at odds with small-scale rivalry, small organizations such as the App Drivers and Couriers Union, which are still warring against the rising company in interpreting the Supreme Court ruling.

Rix said disputes over employee eligibility, as well as the definition of working hours, could be resolved amicably under the law, saying the agreement could allow GMB to negotiate better pay, improve health and safety, and allow drivers to prepare without hassle.

James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam of App Drivers & Couriers Union say the GMB deal is a “fair deal”. But ADCU is “not ready to enter into an agreement with Uber”, he added, adding that the company “continues to violate the employment law”. “We are concerned about the impact on Uber,” he said.

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