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U.S. judge lifts California ban on weapons of mass destruction | Gun Violence Stories

The ban on weapons of war has lasted for ten years, with the ruling of the Democratic Republic of China’s government ruling.

A federal judge has reversed California’s 30-year-old arms embargo, citing violations of the right to carry state weapons to Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who opposed the order.

U.S. Regional Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego ruled that the government’s definition of illegal firearms unlawfully removes California law enforcement agencies that are legally recognized in many countries by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Laws cannot be saved in any way,” Benitez said on Friday. He issued an injunction against the enactment of the law but stayed for 30 days to give Attorney General Rob Bonta time to appeal.

Governor Newsom said it was “a threat to public safety and the lives of innocent people in California, climate”.

Delivering his 94-page verdict, the judge spoke favorably of the equipment, saying it was used extensively for legal reasons.

“Like a Swiss Armed Forces knife, the famous AR-15 rifle is an excellent home-based weapon and home defense weapon. Good for the home and for the war, ”the judge said in a statement.

This analogy “completely undermines this concept and is being beaten in the face of families who have lost loved ones to this tool,” Newsom said.

The idea comes at a time when gun violence is on the rise in the United States – and just over a week later a California gun-disarmed gunman has shot dead nine people.

The hunt this week of the bomber – which was fired just before the attack – released 12 rifles, about 22,000 rounds of ammunition and suspected Molotov’s cocktails.

Mass shootings have also taken place in Florida, Indiana, California, Colorado and Georgia, amid escalating violence in what President Joe Biden has called a “plague”.

The Supreme Court of the United States should also hear the opposition of a firearms law to a New York law prohibiting the carrying of firearms outside the home.

This will be the first human rights issue in the Second Amendment to be heard by the country’s highest court for more than a decade.

Although the coronavirus reduced the workplace violence while most people lived at home, it also showed a gun trade.

In March last year, the number of people searching for guns each week exceeded one million for the first time, reports The New York Times.

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