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U.S. companies embrace sixteen useless rings for many

As a diverse mentor, Dee Marshall teaches Wall Street banks how to become a hospitable community. You would think that he would be pleased if his clients sought help with plans for celebrating 16 years.

Not much, it is available.

“Black people are not happy about this,” said Marshall, chief of the Diverse & Engaged intelligence team.

Prior to killed by the police of George Floyd last year brought many demonstrations and launched a national counting in the US, American companies adopted Friday as a way to honor black Americans and show their commitment in various workplaces.

An important statement beginning June 19, the 16th commemorates the day 1865 when the Union Army General General Gordon Granger went to Galveston, Texas to free the last black people who were slaves in America – a few months after being released by the Confederates in the Civil War and more than two years later therefore President Abraham Lincoln announced the end of slavery.

While black Americans are thankful that America accepted the Fifteenth and considered it a paid holiday, like Marshall, they complain it just seems to be in vain – especially many companies have not fulfilled the various promises made at the Floyd show demonstrations.

People carry the seventh sign at a fair in Brooklyn, New York, June 19, 2020 © John Minchillo / AP

“What is the most important thing for people to respect this? I don’t think they’ll be so happy that the eleventh event is taking place. They will be happier when there are real changes in the organization, ”Marshall said.

Regardless, the 16th is the cornerstone of many companies in the test of justice, while Lyft, Colgate and BP, among others, show their support for the holiday in financial crisis and various reports.

About 9% of companies have picked up sixteen this year, according to a Mercer company-based survey, compared to 55% of Martin Luther King’s Jr. Day. Thursday President Joe Biden sign the bill Establishing Friday as a national holiday, the 11th.

The process of establishing MLK Day began with the assassination of a political leader in 1968 and finally signed into law in 1983.

The issue of the 16th Federal Holidays came at a time when the US was struggling to remember the history of apartheid. Republicans in 20 countries have enacted laws banning public schools from using competitive ideas, a teaching method that is used to test organizations according to their race. Defendants are afraid to discuss the US legacy of elections that could spark anti-American sentiment.

“Even today, as activists try to erase their history and threats from racist ideologies and understand the consequences of racism, we are here to accept the truth,” Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democratic filmmaker, wrote on Twitter earlier this week. “We’re going to make # 6 a public holiday for the state.”

Mark Anthony Neal, professor of African and African American studies at Duke University, noted that although black Americans in the South and Southwest are celebrating the holiday by reuniting with families, chefs, and parties, “there has never been a country fanaticism” for May 2020.

People in Leesburg, Virginia rally against the backdrop of difficult school education © Andrew Caballero / AFP via Getty Pictures

“For many organizations, it was a bit of a no-brainer,” Neal said of the rise of Juneteenth companies. The day came last year amidst major Black Lives Matter demonstrations and many organizations were working to end discrimination for the first time.

“If the 15th was in October, this would not have happened,” Marshall said.

Several businesses that were the first to create a 16-day corporate holiday offering holiday offer or offer extra cash, including Nike, Square and Mastercard, say they want to do the same this year.

Overall, the memories have changed dramatically. General Motors, who last year fired for nine minutes – the length of time former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck – to honor Floyd at 11 a year ago, said his plans for this year include “dedication and engaging with the community ”.

Vacation critics also cited the cost of missing work they missed. Ron Johnson, a Republican filmmaker from Wisconsin who banned The Sixteenth Act last year, had allegedly cost $ 600m a year for government employees alone. The US Office of Personnel Management says most federal workers will go on a new seventh vacation on Friday, with June 19 falling on Saturday.

Dakasha Winton, a black senior who is the state’s chief financial officer at BlueCross BlueShield in Tennessee, said the fact that the six-day festival education is making them valuable.

“Even if you’re the first one to do something, then you’re doing something, and that’s the key,” Winton said.

A multi-stakeholder working group at RF Binder, New York, voted to add 15 percent to the pay holiday list and remove 16th-century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

“To give Columbus Day for Juneteenth, there is something very important in this regard,” said Amy Binder chief executive. “Columbus Day celebrates a western hemisphere invading the Native Americans, and that’s probably not a good idea.”

For Marshall, the recognition of the sixteenth is only beneficial for black workers when they are part of a cohesive, inclusive, and inclusive society.

“Today is not just a celebration of the past,” Biden said shortly before signing the holiday into law. “We want to take action today.”

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