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Two died in a Tesla crash in which no driver was present


Tesla is watching again questions about Autopilot following the accident. KHOU, Wall Street Journal and Reuters reports that two men have died after a 2019 Model S collided with a tree north of Houston without anyone in the driver’s seat. One was in the front seat, Constable Mark Herman told reporters, while the other was in the back.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The men were unidentified, but one was 59 years old and the other was 69 years old.

We have invited Tesla and NHTSA to comment.

If the Model S does not have a driver, experience shows that its occupants do not understand Autopilot, Complete Self-Regulation, or both. There have been concerns for customers compare the technology very well I think they can get their hands off the steering wheel or leave the driver’s seat completely. However, even the FSD beta does not offer any autonomy, and you should be ready to adjust at any time – the car will ask you to take the wheel off when you leave it on its own for a while.

The damage is also a reminder that the emergency team has not completely replaced the electric motors with their larger lithium batteries. Constable Herman said it took the first responders about four hours to put out the Model S fire, and the team also spoke to Tesla for help. This does not make EVs dangerous due to its design, but it does suggest that it may take some time for firefighters to deal with these vehicles as quickly as their air-conditioned counterparts.

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