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Twitter Prohibits Tweets Opposing Government of India


As the Indian coronavirus epidemic burns uncontrollable, the country’s government is struggling – on television. On Thursday, the Indian government ordered Twitter to ban more than 50 tweets in protest of the outbreak. Twitter did this, preventing people in the country from viewing public office such as the prime minister, the opposition in the Indian Parliament, the filmmakers, the actor, the two journalists, and the general public.

On Saturday, Twitter published details about the law for Lumen database, a Harvard University project that stores information on the removal of governments around the world. The issue was the first was said Indian Medianama Web site.

“Once we receive a valid request, we review it in accordance with the Twitter and Local By-Laws. If the content violates Twitter rules, removed from the job, “a Twitter spokesman told BuzzFeed News.” If they decide it’s illegal in the area, but don’t violate it. Twitter rules, perhaps block entry to India only. The company said it had notified people who had banned tweets in India earlier, informing them that the company was complying with Indian law.

India’s IT ministry has not responded to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

One of the restrictions and tweets Moloy Ghatak, minister of the All India Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, while Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi General meetings for elections even hundreds of thousands of Indians were tested with COVID-19 daily.

Ghatak’s tweet criticized Modi for failing to address the epidemic.

The government has also banned many tweets against Modi or sharing pictures of India crematoriums and hospitals, in addition to tweet from the Indian American Muslim Council, a Washington DC civil society organization for Indian American Muslims. The group shared The second issue of Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage attended by hundreds of thousands of Indians earlier this month, and he turned in a very publicized event.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Ghatak and the Indian American Muslim Council for comment.

Earlier this year, India’s cases of coronavirus declined and many parts of the country are back to normal. In early March, India’s Ministry of Health He said that the country was in the “final game” of the plague. But the world is now in crisis second wave was initiated by the new diseases, religious rallies, and election rallies. India currently has the highest number of diseases worldwide, and its treatments have declined. Oxygen supply is low, breathing apparatus is difficult to obtain, and vaccinations are declining. According to John Hopkins, India had 346,786 new cases on Friday with 2,624 people dead.

Despite the statistics, Modi has said he continued holding general elections in elections.

This is not the first time Twitter has followed Indian Indian law to ban tweets. In February, the company banned more than 250 accounts in India that criticized the government for holding protests by hundreds of thousands of farmers against new agricultural laws. The company later cracked the file insulting words, opening accounts for journalists, freedom fighters, and politicians, though threatening prison from the government of India.


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