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Twitter opens a place like Clubhouse for many people


Twitter is opening its Clubhouse audience audience for the general public. Every Twitter user with 600 followers or more now has the opportunity to be the only listening room as the company looks to expand its reach to Spaces.

The company began to experiment which took place in December, and has been gradually expanding to more and more users. But when all the users were able to join and listen in the rooms, only a few started their conversations. Twitter says it is restricting access to 600 or more followers because the accounts “have a better experience” due to the growth of followers.

“Before we bring the opportunity to create space for everyone, we try to learn more, to make it easier to find a place, and to help people enjoy it with a wider audience,” Twitter wrote in a blog post.

In addition, Twitter is planning to allow other users to try out ticket locations “in the coming months.” Providers will be able to decide how much to pay for their rooms, as well as how many tickets are available. The company said the organizers had “made a lot of money” from tickets, but did not provide details. The move will be Twitter’s first – but not for long – a successor to the makers of the platform’s creators. The company is also operating they follow closely, a feature that allows users to charge to access content on the platform, and supports the app.

Twitter is launching this and Spaces highlight the importance of “social audio” growing as companies strive to compete with Clubhouse, which developed the “social audio” brand last year. The clubhouse is still inviting itself, and will soon launch its own Monetization costs. Facebook was also featured recently number of audio only, and now allows Instagram users to post audio-only rivers of life. Reddit and Connect he also says he is working on new sensors.

In addition to offering tickets, Twitter also adds to the schedule and participation in Spaces. All of this is similar to the possibility of the Clubhouse, where several people are able to monitor those who have the opportunity to speak in another room. The company will also create new features that will be available, including pre-configurations and modifications to Spaces.

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