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Twitter makes use of the ‘Tip Jar’ app


Twitter its interface contains rumors for the program. The company is helping other readers to add a “tip stick” to their profile so that other users can pay them without leaving the app. Twitter says it currently allows “few people around the world to use Twitter in English,” including its creators, journalists, nonprofits and other users.

Tip Jar users are able to link their account to Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. Those who visit their profile on iOS will be able to send them money (Android users will only get a chance to replace Spaces right now). Twitter added that it does not charge for user instructions.


The first type of this type was back in March, with Twitter VP of Product Ilya Brown in the past the company was considering how to integrate the intrusion into its services, as many users have already lost their Venmo or App devices.

Separately, Twitter is working on a number of other features designed to help developers make money on their platform. The company said earlier this week it would allow some people to sell tickets at Spaces, which is limited to just chatting with the company. Twitter is also working on a “great follow-up,” something that allows users to monetize their tweets and provide content only, with a subscription that can on the platform.

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