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Twitter is setting up a dedicated crypto platform to search for apps with privileges

Twitter has set up a dedicated crypto team. Named Twitter Crypto, the company describes the division as “the best blockchain platform.” It will launch a “crypto future strategy on (and on) Twitter,” the company said in a statement shared with Engadget.

So it is hired Tess Rinerson leading efforts. Rinearson joined Twitter after leading engineering groups to launch cryptocurrency such as Interchain, Tendermint and Chain. He reports to Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal, who will help lead the team.

As a first step, Twitter sees the Rinearson team reviewing three key areas. First, it will look at how the company can continue to support cryptocurrencies as a way to get creators paid. In line with this, it explores how blockchain technologies can create a more lucrative way for manufacturers to earn money. Finally, with support from , will guide the company’s efforts to establish a social networking site.

“There is a great deal of interest and growth among developers using software designed to manage real estate and real money – Tess looks here, with the long-term goal of exploring how ideas from crypto can help push the boundaries of potential with individuals, communities and more. more., “Twitter said.

It is not surprising to see Twitter becoming very interested in crypto. It soon began to allow users to send and receive . It’s no secret where interest comes from or. CEO Jack Dorsey has been a strong advocate for technology, especially in Square. Another company that Dorsey and CEO recently announced . It is also “imagination” to build a .

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