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Twitter is making a lot of false warnings

Fighting Twitter on fraud once saw it to stop the most powerful man in the world. But, with falsehood and falsehood the eternal story, is growing notes came out during the plague. You will see three new types of warning letters below for appropriate tweets, all of which offer more to help with lying or misinterpretation. These new features include “Recent Updates,” “Learn More” and “Miscellaneous,” full of links to “find out more”. If they are similar to the COVID-19 specifications, they should go to external pages or a Moment based on Twitter and more on the existing topic. Once again, the development phase was witnessed by oracle media media, Jane Manchun Wong – who recently unveiled Twitter Blue registration function.

The app reviewer also confirmed that his tongue-and-cheek tweets featuring new characters have a new “Chirp” Twitter font. Section yes company continuously mark hard work, this new style seems to be a combination of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles, which creates a “balance between the bad and the sharp.” Either way, it looks different.

As for its ongoing battle to eliminate lies, Twitter has already used it PSAs during elections ban Myths about voting and results. His work filled the head with then-President Donald Trump, whose account was banned as part of a split that encouraged the cries of his supporters and open-minded listeners.

In January, Twitter announced Bird watch: a mass show that gave users a bit of tools to track tweets. Initially, the posts only appeared on the volunteer page, but Twitter said it was planning to connect them to the platform in the event of a major and diverse partnership.

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