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Twitter is launching a local seasonal activity and subscription subscription

How often do you check Twitter for updates? stormy weather to know? There is good news if that is the case. Twitter tells us Axios it did he found seasonal, Tomorrow, 15 cities in North America and the Dominican Republic. Climate journalist Eric Holthaus and 18-meter metologists have developed free and paid comparisons to help you calculate weather events and provide you with information.

While it’s not entirely clear what you can get for free, the $ 10 monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to ask meteorologists a few unanswered questions. You will also find this newsletter weekly because of Revue as well as access to early podcasts and long stories.

Product VP Mike Park reported Axios the season was “adequate enough” on Twitter, as many people use the platform to deal with natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. It can be especially helpful when adults are having difficulty providing needed adjustments.

Obviously, there are good reasons to be here tomorrow. As Tip jar, Tomorrow can help Twitter reducing its dependence on advertising even fewer readers are subscribers. For free users, for now, this could be a welcome return if the current conditions are not enough. The question, then, is whether this can still compete with local or other volunteer climate issues – $ 10 a month is worth asking if you just want more than they say.

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