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Twitter is also launching a public affirmation

After about four years, Twitter is the last reopening its public form question verification. With this change, users will be able to send requests for a Twitter secret check and verify who is inside the app. Check-in queries will be available in the service “account” for the next few weeks.

This change is the first time Twitter allows users to ask for confirmation since it “left” the section after confirming the chief. Since then, the company has continued to verify accounts, but there was no way for readers to legally question them. The result was a simple process that frustrated many users, even when the company tried to do so for health professionals last year.

But Twitter has been slowly trying to fix the trend. In December, it released a new one, including those who are eligible to place the check and how they will review the accounts used.


The company is starting with other groups, including journalists, business people, government officials, human rights activists and other celebrities (including those in the sports and entertainment category). In order to meet the requirements of Twitter on the blue check, accounts must have been active for at least six months and have a complete history, including photo, username and confirmation email and phone number.

Users will also need to verify their identity by sharing a type of government ID, or providing an email or link to a website that explains what Twitter does. From there, the volunteer team will review the request and decide whether the account should be approved or not (unregistered users can re-apply after 30 days).

Twitter is also doing a new job


According to Twitter, the process only takes a few days, although it could be longer if the company asks more people to confirm (which seems to have been the case for a long time). The company also said that its guarantee standards will continue to change as it begins to expand its operations. Following the initial launch, Twitter will also include groups of religious leaders and students who want to be confirmed.

Twitter also mentioned some changes to make it easier for users to identify accounts. The company is working on a new accounting system, as well as commemorative accounts for deceased users. It also operates a new “virtual” tab for Twitter apps that will include social media, such as where users spent their birthday, and new naming sites.

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