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Twitter Groups Offer India Covid-19 Lifeline


In Srinagar, the program In the city where I live in Kashmir, India, the roads are abandoned because of the blockage. But via Twitter I hear a desperate cry from all over India: a boy begs for an oxygen cylinder to save his mother; a daughter pumping on her parent’s chest outside the hospital; an elderly man carries his dead wife on a bicycle to find a place to burn her; The whole of India is turning pirre from mass burning.

With the new volume of Covid-19 jumping by hundreds of thousands every day, Indian Twitter, which employs 18.9 million users, is now as a prospect. But it has also changed something else: a kind of emergency citizens hotline where neighbors call on their friends for help. Using hashtags like #CovidSOS and #SOSIndia, the post starts to get popular. Some users respond with certain items or write for other people, expecting someone—everyone– can help. In-service volunteers working with non-governmental organizations or support groups sometimes respond directly or provide expertise on natural resources available. Teams have also set up Telegram and WhatsApp to find oxygen tanks, empty beds, and other essentials. Actions on all platforms are a positive testament to the people who come together and criticize the government’s failure to prevent, retain, and respond to the second Covid-19.

Somya Lakhani, a journalist with 12,000 followers on Twitter, had a Covid-19. He had a severe headache and sore throat and shortness of breath. Even raising one finger hurts. After falling asleep, he logged on to Twitter at 4 a.m. and retrieved the phones of people who were in a state of shock, trying to amplify and disseminate these SOS messages. One asked Help to a 37-year-old nurse who worked at the Covid-19 headquarters in New Delhi. “She needs help, ICU bed… (please) help”. #CovidSOS #COVIDEof Danger. ”Lakhani went through his diet and started calling or calling on the items he found there. An hour later he he wrote And he was never found again. ”

“I stay on Twitter as the last empty-handed approach that caught me off guard,” Lakhani said, adding that his DMs are now full of requests from Covid-19 patients and the phone doesn’t stop. But because of the growing tide of chaos and chaos around the world, his lead is drying up. “We’re losing eight out of ten people we grew up with SOS,” he said. “Where is the government? I have no one to help me. How long can Twitter run the country? ”

In January, at the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who heads the Hindu government, he boasted India’s success in having a new coronavirus. “A country in which 18 percent of the world’s population has saved the world – the entire human race – from a catastrophic climate change,” he said. But then, the ads went down. The government allowed more people to attend Hindu parties and party members spoke at political rallies with thousands of people.

The whole hell broke loose: the big hospitals in the big cities ran out of air; patients who died while awaiting medical treatment; and there was no place for the dead body of the manna. The people were left alone. Large offices put more death than ever 3,000 a day, but experts say exact number it’s too high.

In other words, just to expose government shortcomings, Indian Twitter is full of Modi government. But the same platform that has followed the government is threatening with explicit criticism. Twitter has released at least 53 tweets criticizing the government’s response to the epidemic. New laws in India require that social media sites ban what people see as illegal; Twitter sells Washington newspaper that it blocked the tweets in accordance with local laws.


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