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Twitter can allow you to ‘create your own’ from tweets

Twitter is research a new way to avoid the kind of “unnecessary care” that leads to abuse. The company is using tools that, if introduced, would allow users to block people from naming them without a pause or mute button.

Described by Twitter content creator Dominic Camozzi as a “first impression,” which gives Twitter users the ability to “show themselves” and direct those who can post future tweets.

Similar to revealing yourself on Facebook, uttering a word could damage your grip on a tweet and prevent you from being included in future responses, according to Camozzi’s insults. The feature can also allow you to prevent other users from calling you in the future without the need to directly block their accounts. Some invitations that you can access can block any mention for a few days.

The concept is the same as that which allows users to do so unlimited answers and their tweets. As part of this, the potential for “unmention” can help to overcome other dangerous habits that often lead to greater persecution on Twitter. For example, in one of the Camozzi-highlighted models, the app can let you know when you start “mentioning more”. From there, you can take your place and change who might call you or stop you together to “suddenly deal with what has suddenly happened.”

The information provided may provide users with additional tools to deal with the complexities of which viral tweets cause serious harassment. Unlike mitigation responses, which must be performed before tweeting, the “unmention” form can be used later. The tools will not prevent people from saying bad things together but can prevent users from responding to toxins or blocking or storing hundreds of accounts.

Camozzi did not say when, or even if, this could go to users, but that Twitter is looking for answers on those ideas.

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