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Twitch warns developers after receiving 1,000 DMCA complaints from scripts

The Twitch download problem will not go away. In the email shared with esports consultant Rod Breslau, the company warns that it will soon receive nearly 1,000 DMCA degradation certificates. All of this has to do with the stored radios, while many have advertisers listening to background music while playing games or chatting with viewers. In the same message, Twitch says it believes publishers use electronic tools to make these requests, indicating that others are on the way.

“We have recently received a coup d’état from the DMCA with statements from about 1,000 people from the music industry,” a Twitch spokesman told Engadget, confirming an email sent by the company. “What they are saying is against VOD, and many of those critics who listen to background music are playing video games or IRL promotions. “

DMCA outfits have been the go-to theme for the Twitch team. It all started last summer when the company said it had seen “sudden increase“low profile information. As with the recent section, many of those participants have been active on this page for several years. Twitch has tried to address this issue by increasing the number of Free music that they offer to readers. He then published a blog post encouraging them do not use official music. While each notification represents an anti-account protest, some suspension may be imminent.

Change 4:39 PM ET: Additional comments from Twitch.

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