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Twitch lowers subscription rates in many countries to reflect the cost of living


Twist For a long time they charge $ 5 US per month for registration regardless of where you live, but now admit that this is not really the best in the world. The task alone is lowering the prices of books (including gifts) “in many countries” to better reflect the prices of living in those places.

Pricing will begin on May 20 in Mexico (48 Pesos per month, or about $ 2.40) and Turkey (9.90 TRY, about $ 1.20), with countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East cutting sometime in the third quarter. 2021. What you pay depends on where you live and you have established a payment system.

Amazon says this should make it easier for viewers to help their loved ones. The number of users registered in Asia and Europe is about half of what you see in North America, and it is 80% lower in Latin America. Ideally, this allows multi-division operators to increase the number of registrations.

And yes, Twitch is aware that this could bring less money into the home of some advertisers. It promises to get all the basics (i.e., common) subscription fees for three calendar months and gradually reduce the fees for nine months so that people can enter the new price. Advertisers who exceed their target in a timely manner will still benefit, but will still be eligible for support from Twitch if the numbers are too low.

That support is not cheap on Twitch. It usually takes up 50% of Twitch’s fees, which is why it can lose money in some countries until the change is over.

This may not appeal to tourists living in an affluent country but with more subscriptions from anywhere. However, Twitch makes it clear that the increase in subscribers that make less money per person. If nothing else, I realize that Twitch is more popular than American borders.

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