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Twitch is adding more than 350 tags to help streamline mergers

Twitch knows he has it has failed some oppressed areas, and is taking action to encourage more rivers. The publishing work is in addition more than 350 tapes showing different areas, including homosexuality, race, skills and background. You just have to look for the sign to find the streams that match exactly the people you are looking to talk to.

Tags are expected to be available next week.

Twitch said it worked with organizations like GLAAD and Notes to create tags in the same area. This site will also approve UserVoice ideas, and we will review popular ideas each week to add later. And yes, Twitch is aware that pornographers and trolls can misuse tags to harass advertisers – the perpetrators will face penalties in line with the company’s anti-hate policies.

Tags do not refer to drugs. Critics have argued that Twitch should use fewer tools For example, to end hatred and persecution. These recent changes may help viewers look for better streams, however, and may also encourage areas where they may need to meet in other natural groups.

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