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Twitch Finally Adds Transgender, Black, and Other Areas Tags

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Starting next week, Twitch will add more than 350 tags to its category of programs related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, potential, mental health, and other categories, the company said. post on blog Friday.

The new tag list includes transgender, Black, Disabled, Old, and Vtuber, among others, said Twitch. It also removes “ally” references in the LGBTQIA + tag in favor of an independent brand. In a blog post, Twitch thanked locals for pushing for a volunteer transgender license:

“This is what we have been asking for so much, and the truth is that we should have done this soon.”

Twitch tags and advertisers use them to promote their presence on more and more platform. With Twitch eliminating the possibility of customizing, user-created groups and modifying pre-selected tags in 2018, the new system caused shouting as it left the tags of several sections that had been suppressed.

In addition, Twitch pushed all manufacturers and content under LGBTQIA +, which critics said made the accessibility more difficult transgender rivers. Many advertisers have been urging Twitch to incorporate new ways for groups that have left its groups to increase visibility since then.

It took several years, but eventually Twitch obeyed.

“We set up tags in 2018, we did this to help find, help developers articulate content and help viewers find the streams they want,” the company said Friday. “We designed the system in such a way that the creators could explain what they were swimming in, not them or what they represented. We would have been different since then, and we were wrong.”

It added that the Twitch team “is incredibly diverse and the tags that manufacturers make should showcase and celebrate this.”

Obviously, even these new tags come at the risk of the perpetrators using them to harass the creators of the show. During the threat, Twitch warned anyone who used the tags to be harassed would listen to it. Anxiety Disorders, which could lead to suspension.

To learn more about its new tags, Twitch is still hosting the livestream app its channel on May 26 at 12:30 pm ET to answer questions from the village.

This story comes at a time when Twitch’s announcement of a dedicated team for so-called hot tub streamers. Increases on Twitch in recent months include, as the name suggests, watercourses simply chat in a hot pot or other water and chat with viewers (according to Twitch rules, celebrities can be seen on camera in swimwear as “appropriate”).

Get angry from (especially) men who criticize (especially) female therapists in some way for taking advantage of their opportunity to use their feminine methods to get ideas. In response, Friday Twitch resolved the dispute in blog post this also includes my favorite from the tech company so far: “Being found with prostitutes and others is not against our rules.”

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