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Turkey’s Vision of NATO in the Cold War | Thoughts

The alliance must have a clear vision to address the new security challenges and commit itself to supporting members.

Turkey has been a strong ally of NATO since joining the alliance in 1952. We have been at the forefront of tackling common security challenges. Our participation in the most important international conventions and the preservation of NATO assets in our territory is a testament to our continued commitment to the cause. Turkey has taken a leading role in the NATO mission in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond.

We see that NATO is crucial in protecting our country and in maintaining peace in our region. When we make sure that we contribute to the NATO mission at the highest level, we are also investing heavily in defending our country as a priority. What we spend on defending our country is closer to NATO’s target of 2% of GDP, than what most allies use. These funds have strengthened our defense capabilities in recent years and contributed to the strengthening of NATO alliance.

In the wake of the regional security crisis over the past decade, it is time for NATO to change its mindset. NATO’s new ideology should be broadly based on the size of the alliance in recent years. However, it should also be clear and concise. Given the proliferation of integrated weapons, the challenges facing our alliance are far greater than ever before. At the same time, NATO’s preparation for the new generation is well underway.

The new concept should create a way to address the differences between the various NATO allies on a number of issues. It should also recognize the need to align global and regional needs between the momentous regional and global changes in recent years, not to mention the COVID-19 epidemic. We have a wide range of ideas on global issues such as global terrorism, migration, human trafficking, cyberthreats, and much more.

Of course we can’t look at any issues. However, it should be at the forefront of NATO until a coalition agreement responds in a joint manner. Our alliance should not only recognize enemies we hate but must work together for the common good.

To achieve an understanding of all forms of terrorism, including right-wing terrorism and the threats of Muslims and to accept a solution, this must be a priority.

We must also establish a comprehensive security concept, including human security, to prevent natural disasters and to address threats to our planet.

Turkey is ready to pay its full share in ensuring the security of the entire security system. The burden on the burden should not be limited to military spending and donations to NATO. It must also address the problem of refugees in our area. As a country with more than four million refugees, we look forward to a supportive approach from our allies and a willingness to play their part in addressing the crisis.

We have been badly received in recent years in terms of our security in our country and our priorities. We welcome any exchange of information regarding our personal safety. We believe that regular dialogue is essential to resolve conflicts between member states. As an example of this approach, we have called for an international conference to resolve conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean.

However, Turkey cannot expect to compromise its security and sovereignty in this country to conform to the wishes of other member states and the misconceptions they are facing about the challenges the government has been facing for 10 years now.

Faced with the threat of terrorism and regional instability, Turkey has all the power and determination to protect its international security. However, we are saddened to mention that the support from our NATO allies across the border has been limited. We are not saying this to highlight previously announced conflicts but to emphasize the need for a better NATO alliance if we are to prepare for these new threats.

The plague has taught us that the problems of the world cannot be solved without the solidarity of the world. NATO is a good example of such an alliance and its past actions are unlikely. However, just as we have committed ourselves to protecting each other through past alliances a few decades ago, we must be prepared to protect each other from future threats.

For our future to be truly secure, our alliance must utilize the potential of all nations in providing a cohesive system that addresses regional and global change. NATO could be very helpful in the coming years by acknowledging the needs of its member states and assuring them that it will provide them with a great deal of time. Turkey has always been ready to do its part.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.

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