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Turkey seizes US nephew Fethullah Gulen | Fethullah Gulen Stories

Selahaddin was extradited to Turkey by representatives of the National Intelligence Organization, Turkish journalists have said.

Turkish allies have arrested the nephew of US Muslim leader Fethullah Gulen on a foreign mission and brought him to Turkey for trial.

Selahaddin Gulen, wanted in Turkey on charges of belonging to a terrorist group, was arrested by Turkish intelligence official MIT, the Turkish Anadolu Agency said on Monday.

The report did not say where he was arrested or when he was returned to Turkey. Selahaddin is believed to have lived in Kenya.

On May 6, a Kenyan court barred Selahaddin’s arrest and extradition to Turkey, according to legal documents obtained by the AFP news agency.

The court also ordered the return of his passport and ruled that he should be allowed to return to the United States.

Selahaddin, whom Interpol had ordered to travel to Turkey, arrived in Nairobi on October 17, 2020, and was arrested two days later. His lawyer could not be reached for comment.

His case is the latest in a series of repatriated Gulen crises, which the Turkish government has accused of failing to run in 2016.

Gulen, a former ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is now living in the US, has denied this.

Turkey has chosen its network as a terrorist group, which has renamed itself the Fethullahist Terror Organization, or FETO.

Earlier in May, Erdogan announced that a prominent member of the Gulen network had been arrested but did not provide details.

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